English tutoring and proofreading for university, academia, and STEM

In addition to my full-time “job” as a PhD student, I offer online English lessons and writing coaching and an academic English proofreading service with a special focus on the needs of people learning English for science, technology, or engineering.

I am currently taking new students and would love to hear from you!

Academic/scientific English proofreading and editing

Send me your manuscript or other text and I will return it to you with thorough comments and corrections for grammar, usage, style (i.e. APA or MLA), and clarity. I am comfortabel working with academic/scientific documents, but can correct anything. Send inquiries to me@elisecutts.com.


1-week delivery: $2 + $1 per 100 words

2-day delivery: $10 + $1 per 100 words

One-on-one help with English scientific/academic writing

I can work with you one-on-one in video chat to write or polish your manuscript, abstract, set of lecture slides, lab report, or any other academic or scientific text. We’ll go beyond grammar and usage to make sure that your ideas are expressed in clear and accurate English.

This is not a ghost-writing service! I will help you to express your ideas in your own words. Send inquiries to me@elisecutts.com or book a 15-minute trial lesson below.


$25 for 30 min or $45 per hour

10% when booking 5 sessions in advance

Online English lessons and English conversation practice

In one-on-one lessons, we’ll work together to find a lesson style that best matches your interests, current English level, and goals. This could involve homework assignments, conversation, writing practice and proofreading, grammar drills, pronunciation training, practice tests, language games, and learning tips and techniques for improving your English outside of lessons. I can also help you with your writing during lessons like I would during a writing help session (see above).

I also offer casual conversation practice at a lower rate. I often suggest that we use short articles or videos related to your interests as a basis for discussion to ensure that we do not talk about the same topics each lesson.

You can schedule a free 15-minute trial lesson below or simply email me at me@elisecutts.com with any questions.


Conversation practice: $20 for 30 min or $35 per hour

One-on-one lessons: $25 for 30 min or $45 per hour

10% off when booking 5 sessions in advance

Please email me at me@elisecutts.com with any questions, or book a free 15-minute trial lesson if you’d like to meet me via video chat.

For proofreading inquiries, please simply email me.


What are your credentials as an English tutor?

I have over 800 hours of teaching experience gained over 7 teaching assistantships and more than 150 hours of online English tutoring. In addition, I have worked as a writing coach for a college admissions counselor and edited a major student publication at Caltech for 3 years. I’m also the kind of language nerd who reads books on English grammar for fun.

How do I book a trial lesson?

Free trial lessons can be booked using the calendar above. Or, if that doesn’t work for you, simply send me an email.

How do you specifically help with English for science, technology, and engineering?

My scientific background makes me an especially good fit for students who are learning English for university, academia, and STEM contexts because I can talk fluently and comfortably about academic themes. That means that I can speak with you about the topics most relevant to your life and work or studies—and I won’t teach you to mispronounce chemical formulae or other technical terms.

I also often work with clients specifically on correcting and editing their academic writing, such as abstracts, lab reports, or research papers.

What kind of lesson should I book?

I offer 3 kinds of in-person lesson: English conversation practice, personal English lessons, and English proofreading and editing sessons. The type of lesson you choose is up to you and your needs.

Conversation practice is mostly unstructued and best for students who already know a bit of English (level A2+).

English proofreading/editing sessions are focused entirely on helping you to write or improve a piece of writing. I often work with academics and students who want an English native-speaker’s help with their abstracts, papers, and other manuscripts.

Personal English lessons can be tailored to your needs, incorperating any combinatinon of conversation, editing/proofreading, and other learning aides like homework, practice tests, grammar lessons/drills, etct. These lessons are the same price as proofreading/editing sessions and I’m happy to proofreed/edit your writing during part of your lesson.