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Desert life conjures organic carbon from thin air

Without water, photosynthesis shuts down. To survive dry spells, desert microbes scavenge traces of hydrogen from the air and burn it for energy. Some even use hydrogen to fuel carbon fixation.

By Elise Cutts in Eos

August 10, 2021

Newly discovered gas giant planet slingshots around its star

Astronomers have discovered a planet three times the mass of Jupiter that travels on a long, egg-shaped path around its star. If this planet were somehow placed into our own solar system, it would swing from within our asteroid belt to out beyond Neptune.

By Elise Cutts in Caltech News

August 27, 2019

Learning to craft handmade scientific tools in the automated age

Rick Gerhart, a short, smiling man with a voice like the breathy rumble of a gasoline engine, numbers among the shrinking handful of master glassblowers in Los Angeles. He is 73 years old. And when he retires in September, Gerhart will leave the shop – and his legacy – to his apprentice, 28-year-old Nathan Hart.

By Elise Cutts in The California Tech

June 5, 2019