I'm a geobiology grad student at MIT who mostly writes about things that aren't geobiology or grad school at MIT.

1000-word German flashcard deck

After finishing Duolingo German, I started making digital flashcards so that I’d have something to keep my iThumbs occupied through corona lockdown better than scrolling through the reams of international and domestic horrors served up by my newsfeed. I ended up spending months of experimenting with Anki and looking into popular German vocabulary sets online, and this 1000-word flashcard deck of core German vocabulary is the result.

I, extremophile

Something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the first few weeks of taking a phylogenomics course is getting to think about non-microbial life for a change. The class will reorient its focus in a microbial direction here in the upcoming weeks, but thinking about familiar groups of macroscopic organisms to start makes it a lot easier to get a grip on fundamental concepts in phylogenomics and evolution.

Safe and sound and COVID-19 negative back in the US

Coming to Boston was definitely easier than going to Denmark this summer—at least there wasn’t a risk of being turned away at the border—but it also wasn’t exactly easy. Cancelled flights, state travel rules, booked-up COVID-19 test centers, and layer upon layer of MIT pandemic policy made it all a bit more complicated than I anticipated.

And on top of all that, my mattress won’t be here for another week! They said 3-5 days 14 days ago!