I’m a first-year geobiology PhD student at MIT in the Bosak Group. My scientific interests are broadly in the ongoing and historical interactions between life and the Earth, especially when it comes to microbial life and Earth’s surface environmental conditions. Right now, I’m using metagenomics to study the microbial community of Shark Bay microbial mats with an eye on sulfatases.

I blog about science generally, grad school, and of course fields related to geobiology. And like most geobiologists I also like to dip my toes into the astrobiological waters from time to time. Aliens are fun, what can I say?

I also write a blog about language learning called Monoglot Anxiety. It’s mostly about struggling to learn German, since that’s what I spend most of my free time on these days. Because languages are my hobby and not my job, I tend to post there much more frequently, but I wanted to keep it seperate from my homepage since its pretty informal and has nothing to do with science at all.

Before MIT, I studied geobiology at Caltech and spent a Fulbright at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.