About me

I’m a science journalist covering the Earth and life sciences and have written for Scientific American, Science, AGU’s Eos, Science News, and more.

I used to think I wanted to do research, and I’m just now wrapping up my Master’s degree in geobiology at MIT. Before that, spent at Fulbright at the University of Southern Denmark and studied geobiology at Caltech. My research background is a tangled knot of biology, planetary science, and geology, and I love writing stories about all three.

I’ve written on everything from the limits of microbial life to mercury pollution, and am especially interested in what happens when life, the Earth, and people interract.

When I’m not hunting down researcher emails or re-re-re-writing a lede, I’m probably either getting lost in some forest, adding to my too-tall stack of German flashcards, or overthinking a tweet.

Send tips to tips@elisecutts.com. Questions, comments, or hate mail should go to me@elisecutts.com.

Elise Cutts

Science Writer | AAAS Mass Media Fellow @ Voice of America

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